With the large and increasing number of television and radio stations the era of one station is long behind us ! It is impossible to monitor all programmes, reports, documentaries and news reports to detect strategic information. 

Previously limited to monitoring brand reputation, integrating TV and radio sources into competitive intelligence was long overdue. A large quantity of strategic information can now be found about : competitors, clients, prospects, startups, suppliers, partners and also regulatory changes, events, technological innovations. This approach helps decision makers understand key information thanks to short analysis reports provided by CI teams. 

Furthermore, videos and podcasts are particularly appropriate for “hands free” consultation and are more and more expected by decision makers by sharing information in an attractive format. Thanks to the technological partnership with Mediatree, Sindup is now able to analyse more than  1 200 billion words daily using automatic transcription (Speech to Text) and available subtitles and programme guides.

In short :

  • More than 5 000 national and international radio and television stations 24/7
  • Online TV and online Radio stations
  • International sources : DTV, Satellite, Web TV and Web Radio

These audiovisual sources enrich the database which has recently been updated to include private and public calls for tender and calls for project. 

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