All information sources analysed in the same place

In addition to the 50 million web sources available in the platform, Sindup gives you the possibility of broadening your source base to include premium sources in your market intelligence. The source kiosk helps you to centralise all information sources in one place to enhance your approach to economic intelligence.


It couldn't be easier to manage your sources and optimise your market intelligence monitoring

Subscription press

Include your press subscriptions.

Exted your analysis to national, regional and specialist press accords to the rights in your subscription.

Legal publications

Detect key events.

Mergers and acquisitions, changes in fiscal residence, in articles of association, analysis of official publications.

Customer reviews

Analyse customer reviews.

Improve customer experience and protect your online reputation by analysing positive and negative reviews.

Dark web

Anticipate threats

Detect potential threats and information which has leaked onto the dark web by monitoring your brand.

You are interested in connecting another type of database ?

Our teams are on hand to study your requirements and suggest the best technical and legal solution to ensure that you are not in breach of copyright.

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Industry-specific source bundles to help you target the right information

Sindup provides you with industry-specific source bundles, which are studied and curated by our experts, to help you personalise and optimise the information that your monitor. You can administrate and change the sources to ensure that the most relevant sources are available for you to fully comprend your industry sector.