Download the Sindup mobile application for free

Improve productivity

Validate, tag, comment, sort and share the results of your monitoring while on the go. The Sindup application allows analysts and experts to check and manipulate information with their telephone or other mobile device.

Bad reception on public transport ? You won’t be interrupted in your screening as the application is available in offline mode so that you can continue your research and automatically synchronise any updates without worrying about connection problems.

Get internal contributors involved

Spotting and sharing key information has never been so easy. Thanks to the Sindup mobile application you can transform your on the field teams into contributors of strategic insights, with critical information that could make the difference.

Browse and save in one click

When you are reading an interesting article on your phone or your computer, the Sindup browser extension makes saving and sorting even easier thanks to the small icon available in the browser. You can then store, sort or share the information with others.


Illuminate your company strategy

Using the Sindup mobile application, help involve as many contributors as possible in your market intelligence project to enrich sources of information with on the field experience.

As a business-wide solution, Sindup helps companies of all sizes gain in competitivity by supporting their market and competition intelligence projects across all areas of the business. Discover how we help and support different business areas.