From information to action

Sindup helps companies and public bodies anticipate risks, detect opportunities, capitalize on knowledge and follow market trends.

 Our objective is to make the best technology available for collaborative market intelligence, leading to insightful decision making, which meets the challenges of the 21st century.

Mickaël Réault - CEO of Sindup

The Sindup Ecosystem

Sindup currently has 125 000 users in 110 countries, through 700 projects. Furthermore thanks to partnerships with 60 universities and business schools, 2 000 students participate in the university programme in additional to 6 000 participants in various networking events.

Sindup is at the heart of a network of partners from a broad range of horizons: economic and territorial intelligence, innovation, advisory and training to meet the strategic needs of all types of client and project.


Sustainability goals and company values

News For Good

The #NewsForGood movement was started by Sindup in January 2019, with an initial publication which emphasized the need to inform oneself well in the same way as one seeks to eat well.


Convinced that the link between information and critical thinking are key skills, Sindup, Les Petits Débrouillards and Fakeoff partner with teachers to roll out educational projects in high schools and universities.

Local links

The Sindup headquarters is located in Angers. Supporting the local media Angers Villactu for the last 10 years, Sindup encourages the promotion and development of the area by sharing content about local initiatives.

Sustainable development

Sindup has supported Le Grand Rebond since 2016. This is a non-profit organization which brings together different organisations which have positive, high impact projects that contribute to the vulgarization and implementation of the 17 objectives highlighted by the UN.

The Sindup adventure

The trust that our clients place in us and the satisfaction of our users are our biggest motivations. The quality of these relationships has come about thanks to close collaboration between a team who is passionate about what they do and who listens closely to the needs of their clients and partners.


New features and services !

The launch of the observatories, the studies and analysis department, the premium kiosk service, the certification programme, the new training catalogue, universal search to facilitate the access to all internal knowledge.


Funding from Bpifrance Excellence certification

Sindup proudly secured funding from BPIfrance to support development and at this moment achieved the Excellence certification to reward the performance of the company and its growth potential.


First 'Veille Connect' evening

In order to reach out to a broader audience in the field of economic intelligence, Sindup organised the first 'Veille Connect' cocktail evening on the top floor of the Montparnasse Tower in Paris, before expanding to 7 large towns.


Sindup goes international!

The company continues its development with a network of partners on each continent. The platform has become fully multilingual  and analyses more than 50 million international sources.


Launch of the beta version

A precurser in the conception of a Saas market intelligence solution, Sindup brings together a community of more than 3 000 users, with a an economic model and improved features.


The start of R&D

The adventure started in 2004 when Mickaël Réault, the founder of Sindup, decided to transpose his experience of real-time information management in the financial sector, to detecting strategic information on the web.

Join the adventure

If you are interested in joining a dynamic and passionate team, you are good fun and strategic monitoring gives you a buzz, drop us your CV !