Encouraging the sharing of best practice and client meet-ups

Market intelligence is above all a mindset and the tools used for the process help to make certain tasks lesstime-consuming and even automatic to help concentrate on analysing the information and implementing collaborative projects. Learning how to "inform oneself" in a better way is a real challenge across the company and sharing knowledge and best practice is the key to success.

For this reason, we strongly encourage clients to share ideas, best practice and case studies along with our internal experts, through online meetings and physical meet-ups. Joining Sindup is not just about a software tool, it is about joining a community !

Why 99.9% of our clients confirm that they are completely satisfied

(Source Zendesk)

Our customer service is on hand to help you

Our experts are here to help you become as independent as possible at each stage from the beginning up until cruising speed is reached.

Innovation, high performance and continuous improvement

Our R&D department works consistently to provide you with an evolutive solution to improve your efficiency and experience.

Collaborative, mobile and connected to your enterprise social network

Bring to life your community of ‘watchers’ with full administration of user rights and by connecting internal tools to the Sindup platform.

Personalise the solution to your requirements

The Sindup software solution can be totally personalised and adapted to the visual identity of your company or organisation.

Security and confidentiality

Application security, restricted physical access, our teams are highly trained in the confidentiality and data protection.

Bpifrance Excellence certification

Bpifrance selected Sindup as one of the 5000 most innovative French companies which have a strong potential for international development.


Reducing our carbon footprint

In order to limit the impact of our digital activities, permanent efforts are implemented to optimize data storage and applicative architecture. We chose to store our data in France in one of the OVH data centers in order to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • Data centers are powered by 100% renewable energy
  • The average emission per center is 200kg of CO2 per server per year (compared to the average Ademe of 600kg CO2/server/year)
  • Full control of the value chain from A to Z: OVH produces their own servers which means that the lifespan of components is longer
  • Innovative cooling system: since 2003 OVH reduces the consumption of energy in data centers by using an exclusive liquid cooling system: 98% of data storage rooms no longer have air conditioning
  • Reuse of waste in partnership with a number of eco organisations.