Focus on analysing key information

Everybody is interested in market intelligence, but it requires real experience and training. Analysts and CI experts have the necessary knowledge and experience to implement the market intelligence project thanks to their experience with specific tools and economic intelligence. The Sindup customer service team are on hand to help you use the different functions of the software from an operational point of view, so that you make the most of the solution and our project consulting team help you to implement a communication strategy and internal training programme.

Sindup’s market intelligence software simplifies the process so that you can spend precious time on analysing the information that you find and transform it into insights for internal decision makers and readers.


Share with personalized formats

Create your own personalised catalogue with your company’s visual identity and give readers a dedicated space for their own personal monitoring

Facilitate the implementation of your internal intelligence network

With a range of adapted content, use cases and events, we help bring your internal intelligence network to life and involve all the relevant parties within the organization.

Integration with your existing enterprise tools

Thanks to our API and a number of connectors, the market intelligence detected in Sindup can be shared easily with other tools in your IT systems (intranet, enterprise social network, CRM, ERP..) to deliver information as quickly as possible to internal clients.

Boost collective intelligence!

Once the solution has been implemented with the right personalized tools, the analyst plays a key role in orchestrating the internal network, which is mostly comprised of experts. The key aim is therefore to create strong commitment to the project in order to encourage collective intelligence as way of achieving strategic objectives.


Sindup is by your side

Project consulting

Our specialist teams are here to help you plan, design and roll out your intelligence project.

In-service training

Our carefully created training catalogue lists a number of programmes which are suitable for analysts, decision makers and senior management in order to optimize the overall performance of the market intelligence project for all stakeholders.

Internal communication

Thanks to the production of adapted content, case studies and specific events, our experts help you to bring your internal intelligence network to life and involve all the relevant stakeholders.

Measuring internal engagement

Follow the performance of your project thanks to a number of metrics which allow you to identify the most relevant content for your internal clients.


Mobile application designed for analysts and CI experts

The Sindup mobile application was built with analysts specifically in mind, giving you the possibility to check the results to validate, enrich and share information, even when you are on the go !

Let us help you save time




Enhance your skills (and your CV)

Take the Sindup certification and enhance your skills and your command of the tool, in addition to your market intelligence methodology.

A digital certificate is saved using blockchain technology and can be used on your CV, or sent to your employer.