Sindup now includes scientific and technological publications and patents in its premium data sources.

Scientific monitoring for competitive and economic intelligence. Watching innovation trends has now become widespread in a number of companies and organisations which require the technological dimension to their competitive intelligence and is no longer limited to research and development teams. However scientific publications and patents are rarely included in this monitoring. This often requires specialist tools designed for researchers. By including these high added-value sources into a collaborative system the SIndup competitive intelligence platform makes access to this type of information straightforward by managing the sharing of information between different departments of the company. 


In partnership with MyScienceWork, Sindup includes one of the largest databases of scientific publications and patents in the world. 
Why ? To help users pick up key trends, innovations and research in their field of expertise in areas such as health, physics, biology, engineering, food engineering and social sciences. 

How does it work ? The analysis of over 90 million scientific publications, 12 million patents (American and European) 22 million authors and also 4 thousand scientific publishers, to offer :

  • Quantitive, multi-discipline, global analysis
  • Links to the source content and full text 
  • A package adapted to the size of the organisation or company 
  • Multilingual content at a national or international level 
  • On demand inclusion of sources to index and analyse

A multi-discipline and international coverage :

  • Publication type : reviews, pre-print, conference records, posters, publications and extracts..
  • Full coverage : of all areas in the scientific, technical and medical domains 
  • Geographical coverage : world
  • Main languages : English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc. 
  • Sources : over 600 from institutional and specialised databases, publisher databases and researchers. 
  • Source examples : Medline, Pubmed, arXiv, Springer, De Gruyter, Karger, Cairn, EDP Sciences, Nasa Technical Reports Server, eScholarship University of California, Caltech Authors, Online Research Database in Technology, HAL,…
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