Towards new forms of mobility and freight transport

Autonomous vehicles, pooled means of transport, decarbonization, etc. Factors that are profoundly changing the economic models, which incorporate more and more associated services and content, leading to the arrival of new players in the value chain. With regard to freight, the way is open both to innovative new means of transport and to a strong resurgence of more traditional means such as the railways.

The industry is also seeing many changes related to the transformation of the towns, the development of the regions and local areas and the evolution in methods of working remotely or via third places.


Use case
in the transport industry

Anticipating incidents

Detecting events and incidents that risk perturbing transport, in order to make appropriate provisions.

Changes in regulations

Monitoring new regulations in relation to carbon emissions from transport.

Renewal of vehicles

Benchmarking technological innovations to ensure procurement of the most appropriate next-generation vehicles.

New means of transport

What new means of transport are likely to bring about change? Being aware of their advantages and disadvantages.

Operational and strategic support

Market intelligence seeks to provide answers both to everyday operational issues and more broadly to strategic orientation. Intelligence gathering on the Web and social media, as well as through feedback on the ground, is particularly useful for rapidly finding key information and reacting at the earliest opportunity. Moreover, access to the kiosk of premium sources reinforces the capacity for analysing market trends and the implications of the innovations and transformations in progress.

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