By business area

Sindup helps all areas of the business in their strategic information needs. As a 360° solution Sindup is on hand to help all departments with bespoke training programmes and specific consultancy for different types of decision maker within the business or organisation.



By industry

In a complex and quickly changing world, competitive and market intelligence helps companies in all business sectors use information to remain competitive and keep one step ahead whilst adapting to the big transformations in technology, society and the environment.


For analysts and CI experts

An indispensable ally for analysts and other CI and MI experts, Sindup helps you to save time helping your to put your energy into analysing and interpreting the information gathered and transforming it into collective intelligence. Discover how Sindup can change your life on a day to day basis  !


For universities & business schools

Sindup  proudly partners with more than 60 universities and business schools, helping more than 2000 students improve their professional experience thanks to a specific training programme and discovery period of the platform. and the cycle of monitoring for market intelligence. Discover how Sindup helps the leaders and analysts of tomorrow.