The property and construction industry, one of the most innovative sectors

To conform to new lifestyles and improve carbon and environmental footprints, our buildings and public works production models are steadily evolving.

Moreover, homes, offices and third places are tending to fuse into hybrid formats, such as, in this era of sharing-based economy, the service-building. Buildings are becoming more sustainable and modular while digitalization and network development are generating new uses...



Use case
in the property and construction industry

Waste treatment

What are the latest innovations that would enable a reduction in the environmental footprint of construction works?

The homes and offices of tomorrow

Knowing trends and new needs, both at home at the office, and even imagining tomorrow’s developments.

Circular economy

What are the new economic models in the sector that meet its CSR demands?

Anticipating technological developments

Attributing R&D investments in line with scientific advances and cutting-edge new technologies.

Building one’s knowledge base

Given the different preoccupations of each profession in the property and public works industry, it is sometimes useful to extend the marketing intelligence to different sources of information, beyond the Web and social media. Knowledge of new uses, new technical methods and technologies and the latest standards can be extended thanks to a kiosk of premium sources: market research, reports, scientific publications, patents, TV/radio media, calls for tenders, etc.

In order to give you access to all the knowledge relating to your market environment, innovations and trends, the Sindup marketing intelligence platform allows you to create a dedicated and customized space offering unique and rapid access via the universal search bar.