The food industry’s value chain is evolving fast

Urbanization, respect for the environment, climatic instability, increasing pressure on water resources, etc. The globalized model of intensive agriculture is being called into question, favouring the development of organic production and short supply chains. New uses and numerous innovations meet the aspirations of better and better informed consumers.

The identification and monitoring of these numerous mutations and the search for new solutions produce more orientations for the monitoring of the industry worldwide.


Use case
in the food industry

Development of regenerative agriculture

Monitoring the major trends centred on agroforestry and permaculture in a holistic management approach.

Changes in regulations

Knowing the latest regulations, draft legislation and international agreements.

Climate change

Detecting the studies aimed at anticipating the impact of climatic instability on food production.

Raw materials

Suppliers’ financial health and geopolitical environment, to anticipate risks of shortage or price variations.

Feedback from the Bel group

Today, the company employs 13,000 people and has about thirty subsidiaries across the world.

“We advocate collective intelligence and apply the whole process: from deciding the orientation of the intelligence to the dissemination of the information collected,” declares Claudine Bras, Business Intelligence Manager of the Bel group. The intelligence process is followed through in this way so as to satisfy the daily requirements of the operational staff while developing the global and transversal vision required to respond to the more strategic challenges. All the divisions have therefore been involved the process, with a view to building a macroscopic vision of the market trends. “The themes are all interrelated and affect several divisions. A company’s social responsibility is not a question for the CSR department alone. It also concerns innovation, marketing, communications, etc. ” explains Claudine Bras.