Ecology and resilience in search of a new energy revolution

No economy can function without energy. With economic growth and a rising standard of living there is no stop to the increase in its consumption. In the face of environmental and climate issues, the search for sustainable production models in a world of limited resources is gearing up, with all the complexity that that involves. The decentralization of the energy system into small local production units connected in a network is making advances with challenges at technical, economic and governance levels. At the same time, green energy is coming up against limits, sometimes displacing the environmental impact from one point in the production chain to another.

The challenges for the future are colossal, with decarbonization gradually becoming the priority for industry as a whole.


Use case
in the energy industry

Renewable energy equipment projects

Anticipating future developments that will incorporate the production of renewable energy, with a view to sustainable development.

New storage technology

Seeking new energy storage solutions and monitoring promising scientific advances.

The development of Enernet

Monitoring the emergence of the energy Internet on the various continents and measuring its impact on the markets.

Development of hydrogen

How is the development of the cross-border hydrogen transport network progressing in Europe?

Information fuelling transformation

In a fast-evolving field such as the energy industry, it is essential to keep abreast of developments by means of a 360° monitoring operation. To this end, the kiosk of premium sources complements the feedback from the various professional bodies, in addition to the millions of information sources freely accessible on the Web.

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