Sindup helps you to create an enlightened strategy

Hand in hand with Senior Management the strategy department is directly impacted by market intelligence.

Following key trends that could have a positive or negative impact on the business, anticipate market changes, detect new opportunities and understand the key strategic issues which are linked to technological and societal changes. Market intelligence helps you to define and enrich the strategic vision.

Key stakes

Detect and follow the most important trends

Manage information overload and complexity

Discover new opportunities

A question of timing

Anticipate changes in society and technology

Understand, follow and react

Use cases

For the strategy business unit

Detect external growth opportunities

Close surveillance of the different members of a business community or competitor monitoring allows you to identify companies which could potentially be a target for mergers or acquisitions.

Consolidation of a strategic plan

Maintaining excellent knowledge of the market and the competitive environment is the key to defending medium to long term strategic priorities and bringing crucial extra aspects to the strategic plan.

Regulatory surveillance to give teams relevant information

Giving your teams regulatory information helps them to be more efficient and be more convincing in sales.

Pick up on key political speeches

Identifying public speeches which may have an particular impact on a market or ecosystem gives strategy directors a full vision and allows them to anticipate the impacts for the company.

Include premium sources

Strategic orientation requires diverse sources of information. Web monitoring gives you access to a very broad volume of data, but it can be useful to extend the scope of your sourcing to ensure that you have all the necessary aspects about market trends and the key issues and key transformations. To help you with these requirements Sindup provides a premium source kiosk which provides you with a 360° access to different types of sources.

To discover more, you can find full details about our different information databases in order to enrich the basis of your market intelligence: market studies, reports, scientific publications, TV/radio stations, calls for tender and project, patents etc.