Online monitoring combined with field reporting to ensure nothing is missed

The number of risks which could possibly have an impact on maintaining the operational conditions or the development of the company activity are numerous. Certain risk are relevant only to certain industries or to a particular geographical area, and others are common to all, with an exposure level which may be high or low. Cyber attacks or risks linked to climate change are key examples.

Market intelligence helps companies to have quicker reaction times when a crisis occurs or a particular failure which may present a risk. It is also a way in which decision makers can follow key trends: emerging risks, new types of risk. To make the system as complete as possible, on the ground resources can also contribute with less structured 'grey' information which is combined with digital sources.

Key stakes

Anticipating risks

Prevention and awareness

Crisis management

Detecting and monitoring a crisis

Emerging risks

Key trend monitoring

Use cases

for a Head of Risks

Monitor a geopolitical crisis

How is the situation changing in the zone ? What is the risk level for company activities in the zone and what can has been done ?

Safeguard an event

Anticipate the risks during a key visit or event in order to supervise operations in real time and support the teams on the ground.

Reinforce digital resiliency

What are the key cyber attacks in the sector ? What the key use cases to improve our action plan and raise awareness among the teams.

Impact of environmental risks

What the possible future scenarios? What could be the consequences? Are there any new regulatory changes which may come along ? What are the main solutions to reduce impacts and risks ?

Protect people, buildings and trade

In a complex world where everything happens very quickly, the fields of risk management and security are becoming more and more critical. To help risk and security departments, who are confronted with more and more complex risk factors, new technological tools like online monitoring help these departements carry out their job successfully.  Prevention and anticipation are the magic words, but managing a crisis as smoothly as possible is key to ensure that the situation goes back to normal. Market intelligence for risk management helps Directors of Risk and Senior Management to prepare as best as possible with an operational system in place to use information as a tool for prevention.