Sindup helps you to prepare for unforseen events and detect opportunities

More than ever, it has become vital to monitor key partners, suppliers and service providers (manufacturers, forwarding agents, 3PLs etc) in order to guarantee the smooth running of the supply chain, and therefore the activity of the company.

By monitoring different components of the value chain Sindup not only helps you to anticipate risks linked to your suppliers, but also to react quickly when unexpected events happen (technological, geopolitical, economic etc). In addition to risk management, this also helps you to be able to better engage with suppliers by better understanding the changing environment of their activity and identify potential new partners.

Key stakes

Monitoring suppliers and partners

Detect risks and opportunities

Anticipating changing legislation

Ensure that you company and its suppliers are fully compliant

Reacting quickly during a crisis

Anticipate and manage weak links

Use cases

for a Head of Procurement

Understand the evolution of key norms and regulations

Anticipate the impact of new norms and regulations to ensure that products are services are fully compliant.

Follow key partners and suppliers

Detect risks and opportunities by following key communication and the online reputation of your suppliers.

Look for new suppliers prior to a call for tender

To prepare tenders correctly and in advance, constant surveillance of the key actors helps you to benchmark candidates quickly and efficiently.

Complete databases

The monitoring of suppliers and merchandise requires structured databases. Analysing a broad range of information sources helps you to enrich your database.

Diversify your sources of information 

By activating the premium source kiosk, the SIndup market intelligence platform helps you to include on the field information sources, social networks and public webn but also to include stratgic information from international sources like market studies, TV and radio stations, calls for tender etc.

Implementing a market intelligence project which is adapted to your projects, helps you to become more agile when faced with risks and opportunities.  While anticipation is a priority, an unforeseen event can always come along and put your company in danger. That's why we created crisis monitoring services in our  Sindup Insights offer. Within 3 hours and seven days per week, a crisis monitoring service can be implemented to relieve you af the task of monitoring online reputation and reactions and concentrate on managing the situation.