Sindup helps you to understand and anticipate tomorrow’s world

By monitoring competition and carrying out a regular benchmark, marketing directors can better position their own product and service offering by adapting appropriately.

In a collaborative project aiming to engage colleagues across the company, key pieces of information can be identifying and brought to the attention of the market department. Once identified, key trends and analysis can then be share throughout the company by using newsletters or interactive dashboards according to the projects carried out within the company.

Similarly, monitoring brand reputation and identifying marketing trends and tools can be a key method for developing the image of the company and the company brand.

Key stakes

Understanding the market and competition

Keep your benchmark up to date

Detecting and following key trends

Follow key KPI of the main trends

Protecting and developing your image

Company brand and online reputation

Use cases

For a Marketing director

Adapt your product offering during a crisis

Detect new customer needs and use your company knowledge and expertise to adapt R&D to new identified needs.

Get inspired by new ideas

Marketing and communication practices evolve constantly according to client aspirations, the arrival of new tools and the opening of new channels and growth areas.

Follow your direct and indirect competitors

Put your competitors under close surveillance and detect potential new competitors, analyse their strategy and their development on different markets.

Detect market studies and follow trends

Pick up on key reports and studies while monitoring your full business environment to detect key informations which may be less structured an formal and help to understand your market.

Supporting the marketing strategy of DS Smith

As a leader in the packaging sector, DS Smith uses Sindup to monitor the full competitive environment and follow market trends.

In addition to detecting new competitors and analysing their strategy, one of the key stakes for DS Smith is to monitor the evolution of the sector verticals in which the company is predominently present. For example, e-commerce has exploded over the last few years and continues to do so. By setting up close market intelligence of the e-commerce sector on the different markets on which DS Smith is present, the marketing team has been able to anticipate new trends and requirements for the packing in this sector. Discover the full case study