Sindup helps you to improve the performance of your sales teams

Without a doubt, a well-informed sales manager performs better. By constantly monitoring key accounts you can not only identify areas of risk but also act in a proactive way to offer new solutions according to the evolution of the client’s activity.

Market intelligence helps teams to work together and share information, contacting new potential opportunities detected through online monitoring. In additional to the day to day management of clients and prospects, a sales team supplied with relevant information, means a better approach to social selling by showing their expertise in particular topics which might be useful for the members in their network.

Key stakes

Detect new business opportunities

Tenders, notification for purchasing

Enrich customer knowledge base

React according to the activity of your clients or prospects

Improve the performance of the sales team

Move towards a 2.0 Sales Intelligence

Use case

for a Sales Director

Improve the knowledge of your sales team about their clients

React to the latest news about your clients thus improving the relationships that you are able to build and offering the right solutions when they need them. Better prepare sales pitches by researching relevant information and offer a personalized approach.

Detect calls for tender and calls for project

Pick up on business opportunities in your sector thanks to a full watch of all possible sources and follow up on the results of the opportunities with the different parties involved.

Identify new prospects and opportunities

Quickly identify new business potential targets before your competitor does so, making your approach targeted and relevant.

Commercial strategy and new opportunities

Encourage sales intelligence by broadening the scope of your monitoring to other sectors which are currently evolving in terms of legislation, technology or society in order to bring new solutions.

Listen to the market

Sales teams need to listen to the needs of their sector and their client needs in order to correctly interpret the situations and motives for making a purchase. Implementing an efficient market intelligence programme is the best way to equip sales teams with relevant information before the competition helping sales managers to be offer the most relevant solutions at the best time. Market intelligence provides all the necessary information to canvas and detect sales opportunities. Sales teams therefore become more efficient and are better armed to identify suspects, master their environment and improve their pitch. Above all it helps them to situate events within the right context and detect weak signals.

By using market intelligence with relevant content, the sales manager can better prepare the first contact with a pitch that is better adapted to each target. But the relationship is just starting. The sales lead needs to cultivate and deepen the contact, show their value and inspire trust to help the prospect participate actively in the conversation.