Sindup helps you achieve your interational business goals

For a first-time exporter or multinational company, market intelligence is critical for making strategic decisions and allocating investments. This can be to monitor the markets on which the company is present, or on which the company wishes to develop. The geographical distance and the language barrier, or even cultural differences mean that a methodological approach is required to ensure that the right information is detected.

Carrying out monitoring to detect market intelligence on the different markets on which the company is present, helps to fill the multicultural intelligence gaps which may come from the distance and go as far as engaging local teams in the project when carried out in a collaborative manner.

Key stakes

Understanding the specifics of each market

Develop multicultural intelligence

Detecting new business opportunities

Calls for tender, new trends

Identifying strategic partners

Sales alliances, distributors

Use cases

for an International Director

Detect new company creations

In each target country identify the opening of new sites, new buildings and the annoncement of new subsidiaries.

Anticipate geopolitical and regulatory risk

Be informed about all risk factors when a crisi happens, which may potentially have an impact on your business, your contracts or your return on investment.

Identify new business opportunities

Improve your knowledge of local markets and broaden your vision by detecting specific needs and adapt your products or services to improve competitive advantage.

Detect calls for tender

Ensure that you are informed about all calls for tender or for project on your target markets helping you both to position yourself on key business opportunities but also to improve your knowledge of the market (vocabulary, wording, regulation, customer expectations etc.)

Creating worldwide databases

Implementing a market intelligence project with Sindup, allows you to monitor millions of international web sources, social networks and forums. Sindup helps you to broaden your source base by including other specialist sources such as market studies and reports, TV and radio stations, international patents and scientific publications.

By implementing a multi-local market intelligence project, the international director makes the most of local knowledge and resources to detect crucial information sources (some of which are almost impossible to pick up on with a centralised approach) and helps teams become fully autonomous in carrying out their own market intelligence for their own needs and objectives, while sharing key strategic information which is necessary in defining the company strategy.