Sindup helps you to improve the attractivity of your company

The Human resources department is at the heart of internal company transformations and requires constant monitoring of different subjects at the same time. Market intelligence for human resources helps you to save time so that you can concentrate on the most important aspects: helping teams in transforming, implementing an internal action plan which helps to contribute towards the success of your employer brand, recruiting and retaining the best talent!

Furthermore, market intelligence is an additional key area of expertise which should be integrated into your internal awareness and training programme. This is the case for all types of employee from decision makers to operational teams. The 21st century workplace requires employees to search for useful information and share it internally without drowning in an information overload.

Key stakes

Following key trends and HR innovations

New tools and management transformation.

Developing employer brand

Attract, engage and retain the best talents.

Continuing education plan

Soft skills, requirements of new expertise and competences.

Use cases

for a Human Resources Director

The evolution of new workspaces

What are the impacts of remote working and mobility on the organisation of offices in the short and long term ?

Health and well-being in the workplace

Follow key management trends, understand the aspirations of employees, understand key regulatory changes, receive key reports and studies.

Developing employee brand

Getting inspritation for other use cases, finding new tools, protecting company brand reputation thanks to brand monitoring, developing employer brand by identifying the best channels and communications efficiently.

Encouraging employee advocacy

Sharing key information with workers by encouraging positive and professional communication on social networks.

Discover our training programmes

Sindup offers a number of training programmes to help employees in all areas of the company better handle, understand and share strategic information on a day to day basis.

The implementation of a small or large-scale market intelligence project within a company requires the engagement of all those involved. Sindup offers tailor-made training programmes which are aimed at decision makers, analysts and other contributors to make sure that the key objectives are understood by all and that each contributor has the necessary skills and training.

Our training programmes are carried out onsite or online, in small groups and with a strong focus on putting practical examples into action.