Sindup helps you optimize your corporate image

Market intelligence for the communication department involves measuring the corporate image of a company. It allows the company to analyze the perception of a brand or a product by its consumers and future prospects.

Market intelligence for the communication department also allows companies to remain proactive about their reputation, especially on the web.

By measuring the opinion of consumers, companies can then improve their communication strategy to avoid potential threats to their business. It is by capitalizing on this positive or negative feedback that the company optimizes its communication strategy.

Key stakes

Analyze the quality of your corporate image

Permanent benchmark to stay up to date

Master your external communication and improve the effectiveness of your messages

Measuring the popularity of your brand

Develop a privileged relationship with your customers

Reputation and employer branding

Use cases

For a Communication director

Detect new trends and business opportunities

Feed your reflection on the habits of your consumers and facilitate your decision making.

Adopt a comprehensive approach to your corporate communication

Detect the influence of your corporate image and/or your products and their development

Follow direct and indirect competitors

Develop your employer branding

Check direct competitors and detect indirect competitors, analyze their strategy and development on the different markets.

Employer branding is defined by all the issues related to the reputation of a company, such as its communication, its values, its recruitment process...

With Sindup, it has never been easier to monitor the employer brand with the help of image monitoring, you can carry out various actions contributing to the development of your employer branding.

Moreover, the employer brand is becoming a major issue for companies, especially since the arrival of new business expectations such as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).