To put an end to media turbulence and stop drowning in it, Sindup, a leading player in business intelligence, is offering a 360° approach to help employees refocus on a single media source, internal this time. A veritable information buoy of content that has been sourced, verified, validated, qualified and digested by the internal teams, the market intelligence portal offers to organisations the possibility of navigating a capricious media ocean with complete peace of mind.

Having access to quality information within the company is no longer the exclusive responsibility of the market intelligence department, but must involve as many employees as possible, whatever their business, function or management. As well as researching and filtering the information we receive, there is also the crucial issue of sharing it and disseminating it after it has been transformed into lasting knowledge. We still need to find the right channel and avoid saturating employees with existing ones.

This is why the most recent version of Sindup adds a major brick to the information wall with a back-office publication module identical to those used by the major media. The main objective is to ensure that those who are passionate and expert can share their analyses of one or more subjects and their feedback with all employees. "This possibility is extended to all employees who wish to submit information. The idea is to capture all the information resources, wherever they may be, and, by extension, to develop a culture of contribution", adds Mickaël Réault, CEO and founder of Sindup.




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