How does a collaborative portal change from other ways of sharing insights ?

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A personalised collaborative portal for market intelligence is a form of private website (WordPress, SAML compatible) which facilitates the sharing of information within the competitive intelligence programme between analysts, curators and decision makers or senior management. The portal combines studies, insights and real-time information, selected and shared by internal analysts, with internal data and knowledge built up within the company (external studies, reports). The collaborative portal can also include a chatbot using generative AI which searches the internal database for specific information. A plugin with OpenAI is available on demand.

The Sindup collaborative portal is available as a standard or personalised version.


5 reasons to implement a collaborative portal  

The collaborative portal is simple to implement. The main target is to capitalise on internal insights and share resources which have been produced internally. The second purpose is to encourage the active participation of readers. It is visual a way of helping companies in their transformation process.

Create a unique space where you can share and promote analyst insights

Motivate your contributors by showing off their work ! This online space is also a way of showcasing the market or competitive intelligence team with a specific area on the site. Let others leave comments and reactions to the insights that are posted. The analyst will be delighted to get feedback.


Create a space to manage and centralise internal knowledge

Information overload means that many workers struggle to find the truth. Sharing only qualified and high value information is a way to quench the thirst of curious colleagues. Proving access to past studies can also help learning for new arrivals or management teams.


Share older publications

It's not always easy to get your hand on a report or a study that has been published internally in the past. The search function helps learning by pulling through previous productions by key word. Some insights have a very short life and are published to be consumed immediately. Others have a longer shelf live and may still be relevant for new arrivals several months later.


Use the area to keep your CI programme moving !

Deliverables such as newsletters or short e-mail alerts are limited in terms of collaborative functions. A website open on a browser is an easy way to encourage colleagues to participate regularly in the market intelligence programme. Adding a comment or reacting to the work of others is a way of helping the leader to keep things moving !


Help different teams engage within split organisations

In large projects or split organisations is can be difficult to bring everybody together and avoid duplication of monitoring projects. By centralising teams through the collaborative portal the risk of duplication is reduced. Different teams can share their resources and outputs, while the project leader brings an overall vision top geographically distant teams.


In what way is this an innovation for your organisation ?

Having quality information is not just a big deal for the market intelligence team. It should ideally be a concern for all employees of an organisation, no matter what their role. More than just filtering quality information from the rest, the key challenge is turning information into long term internal knowledge.

The challenge is finding the right place to do this without saturating employees with existing information. That's why Sindup has added an additional section to the information wall with a publication module and a back-office similar to the ones used by large media. The main goal is to ensure that experts can share their knowledge with other colleagues internally.

The requirements for putting in place a collaborative portal

Be a Sindup client and have the motivation to implement a dynamic and collaborative portal, which will motivate employees daily !

To help your organisation bring their intelligence programme to life, we help you to organise internal events in both the physical and online format.

Do you want to propulse your collaborative programme ?


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