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Client satisfaction 90% en 2023 (4 interns)

This programme is aimed at curators-experts. It allows users o the Sindup intelligence to be completely autonomous in their daily use and in the sharing of the results. With a balance between theory and practical application on the platform, Sindup users are confronted with real cases to optimize the analysis and the diffusion of the results.

Practical Informations 



3,5 hours
500 € HT
On site/Distance

Target audience

Sindup users (Curators experts)

Prior requirements


Learning objectives

The programme allow users to upgrade their use of the Sindup marketing intelligence platform. The objective of the programme is to review all the new functionalities put into production since the last user's program training. Validate the best practices for using the platform by correcting or upgrading if necessary. 


  • Discovering the platform
  • Configuration and customization
  • Analysis and distribution of the intelligence results 
  • Generation and management of deliverables (newsletters, alerts...)

Teaching methods 

Alternating theoretical and methodological presentations. Exercises and practical cases on the Sindup platform and use of interactive teaching aids.


Self-assessment at the beginnig and at the end of the programme. Intermediate quizzes during the programme.

Skills acquired through the programme

  • Being able to manage the tools for manual or automatic processing of collected content
  • Being able to set up newsletters to share the results 


Henri Garnier - CI expert
Having graduated with a master’s degree in economic intelligence and in strategic communication, Henri was at the beginning a user of CI platforms in multiple companies, in the field of banking and telecoms. As a CI expert within the customer service department, he supports and helps users in setting up marketing intelligence systems.
Myriam Laurent - Customer service manager
Having graduated with a master’s degree in technology intelligence and strategic information, Myriam has worked in the fields of marketing intelligence and information research for the past 15 years. Working for Sindup since 2014, she trains clients on the setting up of an intelligence platform unit, and best practice in terms of intelligence and information research.

Access time 

The timeframe is determined by a mutual agreement between Sindup and the client. The access to the service is submitted to the acceptance period of the funders and the time required to process the request: From seven days to two months, depending on the funding method.

Terms of access

Have you got any specific needs in terms of access and learning methods?

Please contact us so that we can investigate the possibilities of adaptation.



Last update on 04/04/2022

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