Sindup has just published a new Ebook entitled 'How to follow the Return on Investment of a competitive intelligence programme', entirely dedicated to the implementation of key performance indicators in order to promote the programme.  Our experts share their ideas and experience to help you implement useful and meaningful indicators to promote and showcase the programme. 

Choosing the right KPIs to showcase the programme internally

Generally speaking, an organisation which has decided to invest in profesional CI and MI tools doesn't need to be convinced about the importance of competitive intelligence and the benefits for the company. However, any type of investment requires justification and the implementation of the right type of indicator to ensure that the programme which has been implemented meets the targets and objectifs set out by the company.

It is not just a question of demonstrating the financial gain when investing in a professional tool, but above all showing the overall value of the programme to the organisation in terms of strategic decision making.

Is there a direct compatibility between ROI and competitive intelligence ?


Implementing a quantitative indicator like the Return on Investment constates a mathematical calculation which allows the organisation to justify the investments according to the benefits.

In this Ebook "How to follow the Return on Investment of a competitive intelligence programme?" you will discover:

  • The importance of KPIs to show the value of the programme
  • How to choose the right indicators
  • How to follow the indicators

Download the eBook !

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