Sindup has taken the opportunity of the back-to-school season to publish a new eBook "How do you write the specifications for a competitive intelligence tool?

Written specifications : a fundamental element in the development of a business intelligence strategy

Drawing up the specifications for a competitive intelligence tool is an essential step, enabling you to take a step back from the internal organization of your system, and evaluate the human resources in place to achieve your objectives.

Establishing the specifications for a competitive intelligence system can seem relatively complex, since it must list all the essential functionalities as well as the human resources to be deployed to achieve the desired objective.

Complete specifications for a competitive intelligence system that suits you

eBook specifications competitive intelligence tool

The specifications summarize the information needed to develop a project, so that the objectives and features are provided and understood by all the collaborators involved.

In this eBook, you will discover :

  • How to understand the organization's needs using different scopes
  • The importance of defining functional and technical needs
  • How to plan the key stages of the project

Download the eBook !

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