Reinventing models and transforming value chains doesn’t happen overnight. A real investment and understanding of the stakes and potential solutions is required to succeed. You need to have the right material to support your action plan and the forthcoming transformations. The time of the year is busy and the different crises around the world are becoming more and more complex. Now is the time to implement a CSR component of your market intelligence project to ensure that you have the right information in the months to come.


In order to reinvent business models and value chains, your company needs to acquire new fields of knowledge and new competencies in order to find different solutions (practice and technology). The goal is to succeed in doing things differently by responding to new problems. This also involves discovering new partners, supplies and competitors by exploring emerging segments of the market. Being interested in what is going on in one’s external environment gives the company a greater transversality and helps all parties adapt and collaborate in a more efficient and sustainable way, while reducing the negative impacts and increasing the positive impacts.


Market intelligence monitoring helps feed your action plan and stimulate the transformation to take place

In the case of Corporate Social Responsibility, a personalised and market-specific monitoring plan can help you to:

  • Be inspired by use cases and best practice
  • Identify existing solutions for each challenge
  • Aquire new knowledge and develop the skills required to carry out transitions
  • Identify techniques and indicators which are adapted to extra financial corporate reporting
  • Identify local partners to improve your local footprint
  • Follow influencers on the subject of new rules and regulations in your sector
  • Detect trends, language and emerging concepts
  • Check-up of the CSR policies of partners and other stake holders

In general, CSR monitoring is also:

  • Understanding changes to Human Resources and management techniques
  • Anticipating new rules and regulations which are to be applied to all companies
  • Learn about the key tools and financial help provided on a national scale



Sindup is on hand to get you started

1. Turnkey solutions :

  • Weekly report : ODD / CSR  (on subscription)

2. Implementation of an internal market intelligence tool

  • Collaborative market intelligence is an important way to promote collective intelligence in order to resolve complex problems and engage with all stake holders. Sindup helps you to implement your project including the CSR component.

3. Workshops and training sessions helping you to

  • Define useful information for your action plan (within your CSR strategy)
  • Define the more relevant sources of information
  • Develop critical thinking and fight against ‘greenwashing’
  • Engage all stake holders in a collaboratrice market intelligence project



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