Decision-makers: Optimize your performance


Detecting weak signals for better anticipation

Detecting weak signals for better anticipation

As a decision-maker, you need a clear, updated view of trends in your market. A well-anticipated news item, event or new regulation can translate into competitive advantage.

Sector intelligence:

  • Follow news about your sector.
  • Identify trends in your market.
  • Follow the influencers and specialist sources.
Monitoring competitors for better positioning

Monitoring competitors for better positioning

Your company, in order to stand out and highlight its strengths, needs continuous monitoring of your competitors. Competitive intelligence:

  • Identifying and monitoring your competitors.
  • Decrypting and comparing strategies.
  • Establishing the position of your enterprise.
Identifying opportunities for better development

Identifying opportunities for better development

Increase efficiency in developing your business by setting up a system to gather key information so you can strengthen your commercial approach. Market intelligence:

  • Following news about your customers.
  • Identifying new prospects.
  • Knowing what’s new with your suppliers.
  • Stimulating innovation in your business.


Protecting your brand

Protecting your brand

The reputation of a brand or a person on the Internet depends both on SEO and on communities. Real-time detection of comments and remarks about your company and your products across the web enables you to orchestrate moderation.

Impact of your campaigns

Impact of your campaigns

Get indicators on the impact of your PR and social media campaigns. Real-time feedback allows you to adjust your actions, and the end-of-campaign analysis reports help you measure the campaign’s relevance

A new customer relationship

Leading and getting to know your community lets you to refine your Community Management. Better knowledge of the areas of interest of your prospects, customers, and influencers will make it easier to personalize your communications.