BI analysts: Optimize your time at each step of the monitoring process

“ The Sindup has evolved over the years, thanks to the participation of a community of over 6,000 users”

Effective collection

Effective collection

Your collection filters take effect immediately, to retrieve relevant information. Thus, Sindup frees you from the technical aspects thanks to a simplified configuration.

Faster processing

Gone are the days of dozens of clicks to perform a single action! Quickly process each piece of information retrieved by the platform using the different actions available: confirm, comment, select, send, set tone, delete, mark as read, sort, etc.
Distribution made easier

Distribution made easier

Automatically generate your alerts, newsletters, and analysis reports using easy-to-set criteria. Having everything all in one place saves you having to login to various tools to manually distribute your monitoring. Everything is sent from the platform.If you are missing a support, Sindup interfaces with your own tools through its API.

Discover the Sindup platform

Enjoy a complete monitoring platform and get up and running quickly, thanks to its intuitive interfaces.